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Shaving Gel

MALMEDY Shaving Gel is a clear shaving gel, especially suitable for precise contour shaving.The shaving gel creates a transparent, protective glide layer that allows the razor blades to shave precisely while minimising the risk of skin irritation. The amino acid arginine and hyaluronic acid moisturise the skin and leave it feeling smooth and comfortable. The herb-fresh note...
Content 150 ml (€10.00 / 100 ml)

Face and Beard Balm

A relaxing treat for the face and beard. ARNAGE Face and Beard Balm is a balm for the face and neck beard as well as for styling. Protects, refreshes, cares for the skin and makes the beard smooth. The amino acids arginine gives the skin a suppleness. Panthenol and jojoba oil soothes and nurtures the skin. A herbal aroma of amber, mint and eucalyptus creates a pleasant...
Content 100 ml
From €10.80

Shaving Soap Bar

The ideal foundation for a perfectly thorough shave. CASINO Shaving Soap Bar is a very mild shaving cream. The creamy texture makes the razor blades glide particularly smoothly over the skin and ensures the feeling of soft skin. Vegetable oil, made from sustainable cultivation, nurtures the facial skin, whilst vegetable glycerine provides a moisturising effect. The herbal...
Content 85 g (€17.65 / 100 g)

Relaxing Beard Oil

Lustre and smoothness for the beard. MULSANNE Relaxing Beard Oil is a particularly nourishing beard oil for everyday use. It leaves dry and stubborn beard hair looking glossy and absorbs quickly. Cold-pressed jojoba oil moisturises and makes facial hair shiny and smooth. MULSANNE leaves behind a masculine fragrance. Application: Apply sparingly to the fingertips and massage...
Content 30 ml (€63.33 / 100 ml)

After Shave Tonic

Refreshing and nurturing after the shave. MIRABEAU After Shave Tonic refreshes and intensively looks after the skin after shaving and is suited to every skin type. Indian prickly-pear extract has an especially protective effect on the skin. Allantoin moisturises, calms and disinfects the skin after shaving. Fresh mint vitalises and the floral, woody aroma of green tea,...
Content 100 ml

Face & Beard Wash Cleansing Powder

Beard care begins by cleaning the beard. RASCASSE Beard Wash Cleansing Powder is an enzyme powder that gently cleans the beard and facial skin well. Enzymes remove the keratinocytes secreted by the skin and facial hair. Cold-pressed jojoba oil provides moisture for the skin beneath the beard, which is often dry, and nourishes the beard hair. Sweet orange and cedar oil have a...
Content 40 g (€42.50 / 100 g)